Artist in Residence: Fred Brashear

The MexiCali Biennial is honored to introduce Fred Brashear as 2022/2023 Artist in Residence along with partnering institution the San Bernardino County Museum. Brashear’s research driven, collaborative project, artistically explores topics of climate change, sustainability, and cultural history through the many uses of the Nopal cactus. Titled Handle with Care, the resulting exhibition incorporates themes addressed in the biennial’s Land of Milk and Honey and will encompass a solo exhibition, showcasing the artist’s extensive research at the museum as well as his travels to Mexico and throughout Southern California.

The exhibition is scheduled to open February 4, 2023.
San Bernardino County Museum
2024 Orange Tree Lane
Redlands, CA 92374

As a multicultural artist, Fred Brashear Jr explores the parallel between the climate crisis and social injustice. Focusing on the issues of climate change as his muse, Fred examines the treatment of the natural environment and explores ways to find an equitable solution for sustainability. Since graduating from California State University, San Bernardino with a Master of Fine Arts degree, Fred has contributed to the mentorship and instruction of diverse student populations in the field of photography at various colleges and universities throughout Southern California. In addition to his teaching success, Fred has also maintained a consistent and successful professional art practice. Balancing a professional teaching and artistic career, Fred continues to research the vital relationship between humans and their environment, informing society of the necessary changes that need to happen for a sustainable future. Artist website:

Image: Oaxaca’s Monte Alban pre-Columbian archaeological site. Courtesy Fred Brashear. All right reserved.