2009/10 MexiCali Biennial
Tijuana, Los Angeles, Mexicali

After its inaugural event in 2006, MexiCali Biennial 09/10 is proud to present a new series of exhibitions and interventions to be held in the cities of Tijuana and Mexicali, Mexico, and Los Angeles, CA, during the years 2009 and 2010.

MexiCali Biennial 09/10 continues its investigations into bi-national exchanges and alternative exhibition practices not associated with traditional biennials. The current edition takes place three years after the first and is held in three different locations spanning two years and two different countries, this with the purpose of emphasizing the nomadic and transgressive nature of the project.

As in the past, programming for the MexiCali Biennial 09/10 consists of artists living and working within the California/Mexico region, with each event having a musical component featuring local bands and DJs.

eq del lado mexicano


Skip Arnold
Ryan Lamb
Ivan Limas
Albert Lopez Jr.
Juan Bastardo
Txema Novelo
Susana Rodriguez
Anibal Catalan
Michelle Romero
Jeff Chabot
Ernesto Rosas
Pablo H. Cobian
Fernando Corona
Michelle Chong
Joaquin Segura
Fidel Hernandez
Gustavo Siono
Rebeca Hernandez
Sergio Torres-Torres
Jason Wallace Triefenbach
Ncholas Kersulis
Fundacion Wana Winnie

Curated by Ed Gomez, Luis G. Hernandez, and Amy Pederson
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