Library of Congress publishes Land of Milk & Honey Story Map

The MexiCali Biennial presents the recent Story Map in collaboration with the Library of Congress, Hispanic Reading Room. This research project focuses on three artists/groups that were included the Land of Milk & Honey exhibition at the Cheech Marin Center for Chicano Art and Culture of the Riverside Art Museum. Read about the agricultural history of the region in relationship to Mexico, Sacramento, Los Angeles, and the border region through the lens of artists Isidro Pérez-García, Chris Christion and Jessica Wimbley, Ruben Ochoa, and Shinpei Takeda. Click the button below to visit the Story Map. The project was researched by Pomona College Art History students Sam White and Daniel Velazquez.

In conjunction, a blog post was shared on the LoC’s Four Corners of the World blog that describes the Borderlands Research Initiative, a collaborative research project between LoC research librarians and MexiCali Biennial team members. The blog post can be found HERE.