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MexiCali 2013 Participating Artists

MexiCali Biennial 2013

January 19 to April 13, 2013

The MexiCali Biennial is a dynamic platform for creating new channels of communication between artists and audiences in the US and Mexico. VPAM is proud to host the third MexiCali Biennial that will take place from January 19 to April 13, 2013. The theme of MexiCali 2013 is cannibalism.

The cannibal is a creature that threatens the collapse of identity and ethics, and instills anarchy in the social order. Cannibalism in the New World was one of the central rationales for colonialism, but MexiCali also proposes it as the path forward for a new model of avant-garde practice. Cannibalism can open up radical new spaces in art for bodies and their environmental interactions, and push against the oppressive pressure of hegemonic Western cultural systems. These transformative possibilities can change our relationship with art, and perhaps with the world itself.

Curated by Ed Gomez, Luis G. Hernandez and Amy Pederson

Fred Alvarado
Natalia Anciso
Marycarmen Arroyo Macias
Ana Baranda
Juan Bastardo
Sergio Bromberg
Helen Cahng
Matthew Carter
Carolyn Castaño
Enrique Castrejon
Michael Dee
Tony de los Reyes
Map Conception:
Deborah Diehl &
Arzu Arda Kosar
Dino Dinco and Rafa Esparza
Veronica Duarte
Martin Durazo
Roni Feldman
Kio Griffith & Carmina Escobar
Zoè Gruni
Ichiro Irie
Daniel Lara
Candice Lin
Juan Luna-Avin
Matt MacFarland
Dominic Paul Miller
Flavia Monteiro
Nancy Popp
Peter Bo Rappmund
Christopher Reynolds
Cindy Santos Bravo
Fidelius X